Additional Charges to Expect

Our service covers a lot, but we understand the necessity for our clients to fully understand what additional costs will and may arise during the process. This document will be broken down into what is included within our service, all additional costs, as well as potential costs.

Included in our A-Z Seamless Service 

  • All product validation, sourcing and product oversight costs
  • One on-site quality control inspection lasting one day
  • Product photography 

Additional Costs

  • Product sample fees
  • Sample shipping fees
  • Production costs
  • Production shipping and logistics fees
  • Product labeling and preparation

Potential Additional Costs

  • Molding and tooling costs
  • Product certification and registration fees
  • Product testing fees
  • Packaging costs
  • Additional quality inspections, if requested

Not included in our A-Z Seamless Service

  • Product and packaging design
  • Logo design

Our services allow us to manage and oversee all aspects of the sourcing, production, and logistics. That being said, the general rule of thumb is, if additional costs present themselves, we will forward the costs to the client.

Within the first three days of placing your order, you'll receive our product validation report. In the report, we will attempt to highlight all estimated costs according to the product information you've provided us during the ordering process.

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