Discontinued BSR Bonus Boost

In light of recent changes to the terms and conditions set forth by Amazon and major deal site services, we have been forced to discontinue our BSR Bonus Boost service. 

Amazon has been facing a major problem with fake product reviews, and in their effort to minimize on these compromising reviews, they've been continuously changing their terms of service. 

Our BSR Bonus Boosts has always worked by utilizing some of the top deal sites and deal newsletters where we'd have your product deals blasted to all of these sites simultaneously. The two main players in this space are Slickdeals and Fatwallet. Unfortunately, their terms of service have also been changed in an effort to stop smaller sellers from utilizing fake Amazon reviews to get on their sites. What this means is, they have now banned any deal from any Amazon seller who is not considered a major volume seller. Based on this change in events, our BSR Bonus Boosts are no longer as effective as they once were. Because of this, we have decided to discontinue this bonus. 

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