Ordering Product Bundles

It is common for e-commerce importers to want to bundle multiple products together. This article will go into detail on how we can manage product bundles, what the estimated costs will be and how we can help make the process easier. 

What is a product bundle? 

A product bundle is a combination of multiple products, packaged as one. Bundles are a common option when selling on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Shopify, as well as selling subscription boxed services. 

How does Guided Imports handle product bundles? 

The general rule of thumb when trying to determine the service costs for order bundles is, if we are able to source the products from one supplier, then only one service package needs to be ordered. In the event we need to procure the goods from multiple suppliers, then we'll need you to order one service package per supplier. An example of this would be combining a wood product and a glass product in one bundle. Assuming we'd need to speak with a wood factory for the wood product, and a glass factory for the glass product, two service packages would need to be ordered. 

In the event we are unsure if we'll be able to source one supplier for your product bundle, we'll recommend you purchase one service package. During our validation stage, we'll be able to determine a stronger understanding and inform you of whether or not one or more suppliers need to be used, and inform you to purchase additional packages from us. 

What can Guided Imports do to ensure a successful bundle? 

Regardless of the number of suppliers you need, the Guided Imports team can facilitate in ensuring your bundle gets properly packaged. We will do this by having one supplier receive the other supplier's products and package them as one, or we will utilize our own warehouse resources to handle the packaging. This includes packaging a preparation to meet the needs of fulfillment warehouses, retail stores, and other requirements.  

All shipping and preparation fees are the responsibility of the buyer. Fees will be presented during the sourcing stage and finalized during the negotiation stage.

Just like individual products, we are able to manage the shipping of the bundle to any location in the world. 

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