Ordering Samples

So you have a super detailed report of potential costs, a list of awesome, qualified suppliers that have been tailored to your individual requirements and detailed explanations on the benefits of each potential supplier.

Now it is time to get some samples in your hands so the real negotiating can begin.

The goal of early production samples are to get a basic understanding of the quality level each potential supplier is capable of producing. We want you to be able to inspect each option, test it beyond your most critical consumer, and determine which suppliers stay and which get the boot.

The sample ordering process is simple. In our report, we’ll notify you of additional costs that are charged by each supplier to purchase samples. We’ll assist you in purchasing the samples from all suppliers, we’ll have them shipped to our office in China, we’ll write up a quick report for you to look over and then box the samples all together and have them shipped to you.

We handle all of the sample ordering, consolidation and preparing for shipment. The only additional costs on your behalf would be the sample fees from the supplier, and the shipping costs.

We can ship these samples to anywhere in the world too!

Once you have the samples in your hand, our support team will talk with you about your thoughts of each sample. We’ll assist you in choosing the best and the worst as we prepare to start negotiating with the suppliers we’ve shortlisted.

This is the stage where the real negotiating happens. 

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