Product Sourcing

The import export industry is often thought of as non-transparent with everyone trying to profit behind your back. We are changing this paradigm. And the way we are combating it is by being as transparent as possible.

We will begin to work on the product sourcing report once you’ve confirmed the product from the validation report. After seven days, we will provide you with an even more detailed report, giving you factory information, initial pricing, product descriptions, and specifications. You’ll be given a full understanding of the suppliers we are providing, along with their contact information, available catalogs and websites.

We won’t stop there though! The product sourcing section of the report introduces up to five potential suppliers that we have deemed qualified.

This means they meet virtually all of your requirements and they have been vetted and checked to ensure there is no potential risk in doing business with them.

So what do you do with this information?

Well, that is absolutely up to you. However, we strongly suggest you allow us to handle 100% of the negotiation and production planning with the potential suppliers. We want to keep you in the loop the entire way, but our experienced team of local purchasers are working on your behalf to ensure you receive best possible deals.  

In other words, we continue to act as your project manager, delivering detailed reports that we go over in as much detail as possible. Presenting you with the next steps to keep the process moving and allowing you to focus on your sales and the growth of your business.

After you receive the product sourcing report, we’ll begin working on getting Samples and having them shipped to your door.  

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