Product Validation

The Product Validation is a section of the report that is delivered within five business days of ordering our service. Everyone has great and seemingly winning ideas, but we want to make sure the products we are working with are going to meet and reach your expectation.

This section will give you a quick overview of the estimated costs to import your goods. This means, in the report, you’ll get high and low numbers for production costs. You’ll be given an estimate on shipping costs across various methods of shipping. We’ll notify you of necessary product certifications, import requirements, and possible import taxes.

By giving you a rapidly created report, estimating all the possible charges you may incur, profit saving decisions can be made early on. Ultimately saving you from importing a product that could turn out to cost a lot more than you’re able to make from it.

In the event, a product validation comes back and the numbers don’t look profitable, no problem! We’ll validate up to three individual products for you at no additional cost.

Please keep in mind, all information provided on the validation report is subject to change. We’re simply providing estimated prices after sourcing various types of suppliers, speaking with customs brokers and freight forwarders. 

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