Sending Samples to Guided Imports

Having trouble explaining the specific details of your desired product? If it makes more sense for our sourcing team to have samples of products you intend to have manufactured, you are more than welcome to send us samples. During the early process of sourcing, one of our support team members will provide you with instruction on how to send us samples.

How many samples should we send to Guided Imports?

This is a great question. The more samples you send us, the better. In the event you are only able to send us one product sample, please be aware that the sourcing time may have to be extended.

Our sourcing process is to reach out to many potential suppliers and narrow them down to a select group of qualified suppliers. During this process, we will be sending your samples to multiple potential suppliers. If we only have one sample, we will need to wait for the supplier to review the sample, provide us with pricing quotations and specifications, mail the sample back to our office so we can repeat this process multiple times.

An ideal number of samples to send us is five. If your product is small and inexpensive, you are free to send us more, but five samples can help us move quickly as we continue to source and find ideal suppliers for your order. 

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