Sourcing Reorder Service Agreement

Service Agreement

This service is intended only for products that have been manufactured using Guided Imports sourcing services. Please read all terms of service.
  • A team will be assigned to client’s Reorder Service and will be comprised of a project manager and a sourcing agent.
  • Client agrees that the Reorder Service will be performed by the project manager and the sourcing agent. The company, at its discretion, may involve members of senior management at any time to review the services being provided.
  • Client acknowledges and agrees that any requests by client for senior management to meet with client or incur time on behalf of client, beyond that already incurred by the project manager and sourcing agent, will result in an invoice for the services provided by senior management, and client agrees to pay for those services.
Start of Service
Before starting your reorder service, you will be provided with a form to complete. This form allows you to make specific comments and explain the necessary requirements for your reorder. After we receive your form, we will submit an invoice for the statement of work. Your order will not get started until payment is made. 
Supplier Re-Qualification
Before the factory begins the reorder, our team will communicate with the existing supplier to ensure the supplier maintains the capabilities required to produce your intended product. 
Please allow up to 5 business days, not including Chinese holidays, for us to determine whether or not your existing supplier maintains the qualifications required to produce your product.
Reorder Processing
An updated version of the previous orders Production Manual will be used. Guided Imports will only make minor adjustments to the document, such as order quantity and barcode modifications. It is at the sole discretion of Guided Imports to determine whether or not requested modifications would require additional charges. 
The Production Manual will be sent to the supplier who will be asked to provide their company chop, signing off on all agreed aspects of the production.
Once the supplier signs off on the Production Manual, we will ask that the importer (you) do the same.
We will request a proforma invoice to be created by the supplier and confirm that they are ready to begin the production once funds reach their account.
We will send you the invoice documents and provide you with detailed instructions on where and how to wire the funds to the supplier.
Once the funds have been sent, we will ask you to provide us with a wire transfer receipt that can be sent to the supplier so they can begin the production.
Production Updates
Guided Imports will request updates at least every two weeks from the supplier. These updates will be documented and shared with you.
These updates will include information as to whether the supplier is meeting their originally quoted time schedule.
Logistics Management & Freight Forwarding
Guided Imports will act as your logistics manager. Guided Imports is not the importer of record, nor will we be responsible for any fees attributed to shipping, however, we will oversee all aspects of communicating with the logistics company and ensuring your goods make it to their final destination. Clients may use any logistics provider of their choosing, or they may use one of our recommended freight forwarding companies.
Guided Imports is not responsible for any error, damage or loss caused during the transport process.
Customers are responsible for all fees and signing of all documents required to ship the finalized goods.
Completion of Service
Once the goods arrive at their final destination, the Reorder Service is considered complete and the relationship between you and Guided Imports is concluded.
Refund Policy
No refunds will be given for the reorder service. 
Unqualified Supplier
In the event Guided Imports deems the existing supplier unqualified to produce the reorder production, Guided Imports will provide services to identify a new supplier capable of producing the intended product at an hourly rate of $35 per hour. The initial time spent sourcing the new supplier will be prorated towards the initial payment made for the reorder service. Any additional hours accrued will be billed to the client at the end of each calendar month. 
The parties to this agreement acknowledge that in order to achieve a timely and effective progression of the Reorder Service, certain timelines must be adhered to, and so the parties hereby agree as follows:
  1. Guided Imports will spend no more than 90 days on a reorder project. In the event the above process takes longer than 90 days, and Guided Imports deems this delay to be caused by the Client, whether in full or in part, then in that event Guided Imports reserves the right to bill the client $35.00 per hour for additional work that must be undertaken in order to complete the project. If the client does not agree to continue based on the new billing structure, then the work performed by Guided Imports will be considered complete, and no refund, partial or full will be offered to the client.
  2. Should the Client fail to make payment to Guided Imports within seven days of receipt of the request for payment under the above paragraph, Guided Imports will have no further responsibility to Client and the relationship will be concluded. Any and all monies paid by Client to Guided Imports will be retained by Guided Imports and not subject to a return or refund.
Prior to beginning Guided Import's Reorder Service, the client must agree to these terms.
Guided Imports agrees to provide thorough, conscientious and competent services and at all times, we will seek to provide you with services that are effective and cost-efficient. However, because of the uncertainty of market conditions and other factors, Guided Imports does not and cannot warrant, predict or guarantee final outcomes for your product(s).

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