Sourcing, Manufacturing, & Logistics Service Agreement

Service Agreement

This service is intended only for product specifications that have completed the Specification Discovery (Phase 1) service and are deemed by the company to be ready to move forward into Sourcing, Manufacturing, and Logistics (Phase 2). Please read all terms of service.


  • A team will be assigned to client’s Sourcing Service and will be comprised of a project manager and a sourcing agent.
  • Client agrees that the Sourcing Service will be performed by the project manager and the sourcing agent. The company, at its discretion, may involve members of senior management at any time to review the services being provided.
  • Client acknowledges and agrees that any requests by client for senior management to meet with client or incur time on behalf of client, beyond that already incurred by the project manager and sourcing agent, will result in an invoice for the services provided by senior management, and client agrees to pay for those services.

Start of Service

Once your order has been processed, you will be provided with a form to complete. This form allows you to make specific comments and explain necessary requirements for your order. Your order will not get started until our receipt of the completed form. All product specifications requested must have completed the Specification Discovery service. Client agrees that any additional forms beyond that submitted will either be refused or client will be charged an additional Specification Discovery fee.

Product Sourcing Report

Please allow up to 7 business days, not including Chinese holidays, for us to deliver the Product Sourcing Report.

The Product Sourcing report includes a selection of up to five suppliers that we have personally identified and qualified for your product needs.

We will include supplier information, such as contact information, links to their website or catalogs, their production capabilities, their quoted pricing and any additional information we believe will assist you in making the decision of which supplier to choose.

Product Samples

After delivering the Product Sourcing report, we will provide you with detailed pricing on ordering samples. We will ask you to tell us which samples you would like us to order. We will prepare the sample order to have all samples shipped to our office in Shenzhen, China.

Once all samples have been received at our office, we will inspect and document the samples in the report, providing detailed descriptions and photographs.

You will then be given the option to have the samples shipped, together in the same carton, to one address of your choice. We are able to ship anywhere in the world.

We will invoice you for the sample fees and shipping fees. Payment must be received prior to any samples being shipped. Upon receipt of payment of the invoice, your samples will ship.

Once you have received the product samples, we ask you to notify us if there are any problems, concerns or questions you have with the samples you received.


We will then begin to negotiate prices with the suppliers. We negotiate as per your requests and will work to get the best possible deal within the group of suppliers we identified.

We require that Guided Imports handles 100% of the communication and negotiation with the suppliers. It has been our experience that when customers become involved in the negotiations with the supplier, even when done with the best of intentions, this often creates confusion and can lead to a breakdown in relationships with suppliers. In the event a customer negotiates directly with a supplier Guided Imports has provided, Guided Imports reserves the right to terminate the agreement with customer, and all monies paid to Guided Imports remains the sole property of Guided Imports. Customer will not receive a refund for those amounts paid.

We will negotiate with all provided suppliers for up to 5 business days.

Once the negotiation is complete, we will advise you of the terms reached and you will select the supplier you would like to use for the production.

Production Preparation

Once you have chosen the supplier, we will organize all aspects of the production into a single document. The document will be in English and Chinese and will act as the Production Manual, or Production Guide.

The Production Manual will be sent to the supplier who will be asked to provide their company chop, signing off on all agreed aspects of the production.

Once the supplier signs off on the Production Manual, we will ask that the importer (you) do the same.

We will request a proforma invoice to be created by the supplier and confirm that they are ready to begin the production once funds reach their account.

We will send you the invoice documents and provide you with detailed instructions on where and how to wire the funds to the supplier.

Once the funds have been sent, we will ask you to provide us with a wire transfer receipt that can be sent to the supplier so they can begin the production.

Production Updates

Guided Imports will request updates at least every two weeks from the supplier. These updates will be documented and logged into the report, which will be shared with you.

These updates will include information as to whether the supplier is meeting their originally quoted time schedule.

Quality Control Inspection

During the production, we will schedule one quality control inspection. We will consult with you on which type of inspection would be best for your production.

We offer four types of inspections: Pre-shipment inspection, During production check, Initial production check, and Container loading check.

A Guided Imports Customer Service Team Member will go over the inspection options with you. Once the details are decided, we will schedule the inspection.

Once the inspection is complete, an inspection report containing detailed information regarding the progress of your order will be provided. The report will have a pass, pending or fail grade. You are required to sign off on the report and notify us if you want to continue with the production.

Product Photography

Once a production sample is available, we will have the supplier ship the sample to our office in China. We will send the sample to our affiliated local photography studio to have six, professional photographs taken. The photo resolution can either be 4,000 by 6,000 pixels or 300DPI. All photographs will be taken against a white or black background with no additional props.

Once photography is complete, photos will be transferred to you.

Logistics Management & Freight Forwarding

Guided Imports will act as your logistics manager. Guided Imports is not the importer of record, nor will we be responsible for any fees attributed to shipping, however we will oversee all aspects of communicating with the logistics company and ensuring your goods make it to their final destination. Clients may use any logistics provider of their choosing, or they may use one of our recommended freight forwarding companies.

Guided Imports is not responsible for any error, damage or loss caused during the transport process.

Customers are responsible for all fees and signing of all documents required to ship the finalized goods.

Completion of Service

Once the goods arrive at their final destination, the Sourcing Service is considered complete and the relationship between you and Guided Imports is concluded.

Refund Policy

Guided Imports stands behind all of the services we offer to our clients and are confident that you will be pleased. However, there may be reasons that you do not wish to move forward after purchasing the Sourcing Service. Should that be the case, here is our Refund Policy for the Sourcing Service:

  1. Full refunds may be requested in writing and must be received by Guided Imports within 14 days of purchasing our Sourcing, Manufacturing, and Logistics Service (Phase 2) provided that Guided Imports has not started the Product Sourcing stage of the service.
  2. Refunds are of the individual service fee Sourcing, Manufacturing, and Logistics Service (Phase 2) itself. Refunds will not include other service fees, factory fees or out of pocket expenses incurred by the Client.
  3. Once the Product Sourcing stage has begun, full refunds will not be given. Guided Imports has invested time and effort on Client’s behalf, and therefore, refunds will only be considered according to the following schedule:   

    Upon Completion of this Stage  
    Sourcing 50%
    Sampling 40%
    Negotiation 30%
    Production Manual 20%
  4. No refunds will be given beyond 90 days from the date of purchase of the Sourcing Service. Any refunds listed above will only be eligible if requested within the 90-day period.


The parties to this agreement acknowledge that in order to achieve a timely and effective progression of the Sourcing Service, certain timelines must be adhered to, and so the parties hereby agree as follows:

  1. Guided Imports will spend no more than 120 days identifying suppliers, ordering samples, negotiating with suppliers, and preparing production documents. In the event the above process takes longer than 120 days, and Guided Imports deems this delay to be caused by the Client, whether in full or in part, then in that eventGuided Imports reserves the right to bill the client $150.00 per hour for additional work that must be undertaken in order to complete the project. If the client does not agree to continue based on the new billing structure, then the work performed by Guided Imports will be considered complete, and no refund, partial or full will be offered to the client.
  2. Should the Client fail to make payment to Guided Imports within seven days of receipt of the request for payment under the above paragraph, Guided Imports will have no further responsibility to Client and the relationship will be concluded. Any and all monies paid by Client to Guided Imports will be retained by Guided Imports and not subject to a return or refund.

Prior to beginning Guided Import's Sourcing Service, the client must agree to these terms.

Guided Imports agrees to provide thorough, conscientious and competent services and at all times, we will seek to provide you with services that are effective and cost-efficient. However, because of the uncertainty of market conditions and other factors, Guided Imports does not and cannot warrant, predict or guarantee final outcomes for your product(s).

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