Understanding Your Quotation

Understanding Your Quotation

Shipping & Freight Forwarding

Reading Your Quotation

Quotations are rather straightforward. Each quotation includes are breakdown of charges involved, as well as a total cost. The quotation guarantee's its defined rate, given the provided carton specifications and additional details are correct. In the event the information provided differs from the actual specifications, you may expect to see pricing differences. 

Additional Charges 

There can always be unforeseen charges added to the final cost. Some examples of these additional charges are listed below:

  • Duties and Taxes (plus GST for other destinations such as Canada.)
  • Additional customs exams (CET Exam, X-ray, etc.)
  • Warehouse charges (for delayed payments)
  • Re-routing charges, relabelling charges, if needed

Estimating Duty & Import Taxes

We can offer our estimated duty percentages, however we do not provide quotations with certified rulings. Because of this, the final declaration will be handled by the importing country’s customs bureau.

Using Guided Imports to Ship

If you would like to move forward with Guided Imports assistance, after receiving your quotation, simply notify us by replying to the email the quotation was sent from. We will coordinate with your supplier and begin the process of having your goods shipped. 

In the event we need anything from you, one of our logistics representatives will inform you via email or phone. Please be sure you read the Terms & Conditions, as listed on your quotation.

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