Before You Begin (Product Validation)

Before You Begin

Product Validation Service

Before getting started with our Product Validation service, our goal is to make sure you are in the best position possible for us to learn about your intended product and validate it in the most accurate way possible. 

The overall Product Validation service is rather straightforward, however, we need you to be incredibly clear with regards to your product specifications. This before you begin guide will walk you through the necessary steps you suggest you have ready, as well as the information on all aspects of the service itself. 

Product Details

Simply put, we need all details before getting started. Before we begin, you will need to identify a product and their specifications. Specifications are an integral part of the sourcing process and we are not mind readers. This is why you need to be incredibly clear with us, as to what the exact product is you would like to have manufactured.

Be prepared to have to research product specifications such as size, weight, thread count, packaging type, material, color, component specification, and more. Product links and sales pages don’t always give us the information we are looking for. While we are more than happy to ask the supplier for their suggestion, it is not always best to trust their judgment. The reason being, their customers don’t always have the same requirements and needs as you.

If our support team is asking you for product specifics and you’re unable to provide us with the answer, you may want to consider doing some of the following things:

  1. Order samples from an existing company to inspect the product
  2. Contact an existing company's customer support and ask them for more detailed product information.
  3. Search online for other similar brands and see if they offer more detailed product information.
  4. For custom designed products, consult with your product design team. 

After you order our Product Validation Service, you will be directed to fill out a product specification form. This form gives you the chance to share all the information you know about the product. If you have a product specification sheet, you will be given the opportunity to upload it for us to review.  

What to Expect

1. Cost-Analysis of the product including the estimated tooling or molding fees if applicable. 

After Receiving Your Report

Once you receive your report, you will be presented with the option to upgrade your order and become an A - Z Customer. If you would like to use us for our A - Z Service, a discount code will be generated for the value of the Product Validation cost, which can be used when placing an order for our A - Z Service. 

Our Refund Policy

For the most up to date Refund Policy, you can always visit, Product Validation Refund Policy

  • No refunds will be given after 14 days from date of purchase
  • Partial refunds will be not given due to unused credits
  • No refunds will be given after 24 hours from Guided Imports’ receipt of product specification form.  
  • Guided Imports does not provide refunds for products that do not meet client’s financial expectations. 

If you do have any additional questions about our Product Validation service, please don't hesitate to contact us via the contact link at the bottom of this page. If you would like to get started with signing up for our Product Validation service,  click here to be directed to the appropriate page.

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