What Happens When a Product is too Complex

There are three basic types of manufacturing.

  1. Off the Shelf: This is using already existing products and designs and commissioning a factory to produce a large volume with no customizations. Off the Shelf products can be simple or complex, but all of them don’t have any customized features requested by the client, they are simply generic products with no name brand or labeling.
  2. Tweaking: This is taking existing products and changing them slightly by adding a logo, custom color, or minor detail during the production. This process is often used for small brands to create seemingly customized products, or for ecommerce sellers to customize products for resale.
  3. Full Customization: This process is done by taking an idea of a product not yet being manufactured, and having a factory create it from scratch. This includes major changes to existing products and inventions. This process often requires a lot more work and specialized factories capable to working with design concepts. Normally, a higher order quantity is required for full customization manufacturing and almost always includes additional charges such as tooling and moulding.  

In the event a product is too complex for our team to complete a product validation in the three days we advertise, one of our customer service representatives will contact you. You will be presented with three options.

Option 1. Request a full refund

Option 2. Accept the extended period it will take to validate and source your product.

Option 3. Select a new product for our team to work with.

In the event you choose option 2 and wait an additional week for your product to go through validation, and the validation numbers do not come back in your favor, we will suggest you choose a new product for us to work with. We can validate up to ten products before additional charges are incurred.

Most products that require full customization manufacturing will fall into this category. 

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