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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MOQ?
MOQ stands for minimum order quantity, this is a term used to explain the lowest possible order quantity accepted by a supplier.

Can you secure FDA certificates for food grade products?
When an FDA or other certification is required, we often work directly with the chosen supplier to have the product certified. In the event we need to find our own testing and certification company, we can assist you by using a trusted company we have worked with in the past.

How many suppliers are we able to choose from in the sourcing report?
We will provide up to five qualified suppliers.

If items are damaged during shipping, or lost in transit, how will the replacement be processed?
Goods damaged in transit are the responsibility of the shipping company. Shipping insurance options are available upon shipping.

***What is Your Refund Policy?

What is Product Validation?
Validation is the stage of the process on where we check if an item from the order can be done with our suppliers. In this stage, we also check the budget and make a report of possible profit for our client. This takes up to 5 business days. In the event that the product to be made is too complex, we would need to send a notification email to the client that we need more time.

Are Product Photography Photos Copyrighted?
Copyright ownership will be transferred to you upon sending the finalized photographs.

How can I pay for product samples?
To save you from sending small amounts to suppliers, we can accept sample payments via our online payment processor and pay the supplier in local currency.

You are also more than welcome to pay the suppliers directly. 

Can you still do product photos on large products like a car cover? Will you take a photo of it on an actual car?
Any product that does not easily fit inside a 10 foot by 10 foot room cannot be guaranteed to be accommodated. In the event your product is larger than this, please contact us via

If I order the 3 product package, am I able to spread my orders throughout the next couple months, or do I need to order everything now?
You are free to use each individual order at anytime, within a year of the purchase date.

How long does it take to ship samples?
Once samples are shipped, shipping usually takes 4-7 business days, via air-express shipping, however it can take up to ten days. Other shipping methods may take longer.

How much is the additional fee for FDA certification?
Like all certifications, they vary in price based on the certification company and the type of certification for the specific product. A basic FDA certification usually costs a couple hundred dollars, but can be more. It is best to consult this with our customer support team after the product validation section is complete in your report and we know what necessary certifications are required for your product.

How is the product validation section done?
Our product validation works by reaching out to our personal network of suppliers and to a small scale of suppliers found upon various databases. We compile their specifications and pricing to get average numbers that we use as estimates. These estimates are what we provide when issuing the validation report.

In the validation report, you are able to see calculated estimates for product price, shipping costs, import fees and requirements for customized add-ons and product alterations.

How will you do the on-site quality control? 
We have teamed up with trusted third party inspectors throughout China. Once the production is underway, we work with the supplier and our inspectors to schedule a time for the inspection to take place. This on-site inspection can take place at various stages of the production. Our inspectors spend a full day at the factory and go through a detailed checklist to determine the quality and progress of the production.

How can you ensure the photos sent to me are copyrighted?
Once the products have been photographed, we send a file containing all photographs and a transfer of copyright ownership certification to the client. With the photo’s and the certification, you will be the sole owner of the provided photographs.

Do we always need to transfer the goods to your office before shipping to Amazon?
We usually coordinate to have the goods shipped from the factory directly to Amazon or the requested destination. There are times when we determine it is more cost effective to have your products shipped to our warehouse in China first, and then shipped to your final destination, however this is a case by case scenario and one of our customer support representatives will notify you of this option.

***How many times can I change my product in the product validation stage?
We request that you try not to change your product more than five times. In the event the product is changed more than ten times, additional fees may be required.

What assurance can you give that you're only working with high quality suppliers?
All of the suppliers we provide as options are put through vigorous and everlasting testing and qualifying. This means, we investigate their business license and their current standing with the state, we look into their bank accounts, licenses and certifications. Our team of experienced sourcing agents vet each supplier through multiple channels, including in depth questioning, government databases and publicly available information.  

Our sourcing team starts every source by looking into up to a hundred potential suppliers. The suppliers we provide in our sourcing reports are only a select few that we felt showed the most qualifications and are the most ideal for your individual importing needs. 

Does the A-Z service include creating of the listing and making sure it's optimized as best as possible?
At this time, we do not offer this service. Customers are required to create their own Amazon listing in the event they wish to sell their product on Amazon.

When is it practical to ship by sea? Can I get a lower shipping price by doing this?
This really depends on the product you are shipping. Ocean shipping can often lead towards huge savings, however is does come at its disadvantages.

The basic rule of the thumb is, air shipping is faster and more expensive (great for small sized products) and sea shipping is less expensive and slow (ideal of larger shipments).

Always consult our customer support team if you have a specific question regarding your product. Also note, the validation report will give you an estimated pricing table of various shipping methods across various order quantities.  

Is it necessary for all products to have a “MADE IN CHINA” or “MADE IN PRC” mark?
For imported goods into The United States, yes it is required. U.S. Customs and Border Protection rules state:

“Prior to importing your goods into the United States, you should ensure the overseas supplier has marked the goods with the country of origin. For example, goods originating in China should be marked "Made in China". The marking must be legible and permanent enough for the ultimate purchaser to be made aware of the goods origin.”

What is the function of a customs broker/brokerage firm?
Every country has its own rules and regulations when it comes to clearing imported goods through customs. In the United States, customs brokers prepare and submit documents in order to notify and or obtain government clearances from various organizations in order to get goods to successfully pass through customs borders.

Our close partnerships with freight forwarders and customs brokers allow us to work to ensure all rules and regulations are met through each supplier offered and ensuring the required product qualifications can be met. 

What is the minimum order quantity for orders when using Guided Imports?
This really depends on you and the product. We have no set minimum order quantity, however factories do. Keep in mind, in China everything works on scale. So the more you purchase the lower the costs, the less you purchase, the closer the goods will cost to retail.

If we send you the info about a product we wish to purchase and the price turns out to be too high to be profitable, what happens?
Our validation process is great for acting as the final determining factor of whether or not your product has profit potential. In the event the validation shows a price that is not ideal, you are welcome to select a new product to have validated.

Please note, after the validation process is complete, and you request for us to move into the sourcing stage, we will no longer be able to offer additional validations under the existing order. 

What if we can't agree on the manufacturer's price?
The first aspect of the report you are issued is a product validation report. In this report, you are given estimated numbers for the production and what it will cost to ship the goods. This way, before we even begin sourcing and working with suppliers, you are well aware of the estimated costs that go into this production.

Will my product details be kept confidential?
Absolutely! We understand it is very important for our customers that their products remain confidential. 

We do not share your product information with anyone outside of our team and affiliated partners we work with in order to get your products manufactured and shipped. You can learn more about this in our Privacy Policy.

Can you help us pick a product to source?
Guided Imports primary goal is to assist in the manufacturing and shipping of products that our clients intend to import. At this time, we do not offer any type of assistance in choosing a product on behalf of the client. 

Everyone has a different business strategy and sales technique, what is ideal for some, may not be ideal for others. Because of this, it is 100% the buyers responsibility to determine an ideal product to have manufactured. Our team cannot provide advice or assistance in this regard. 

Please keep in mind, in the event we find something about your intended product that we feel could negatively affect your sales, we will inform you. For example, while we will not actively look, in the event we find out your product is patented or has some type of intellectual property restrictions associated with it, we will inform you immediately and work with you on coming up with a solution. 

Do you only work with factories?
A common misconception is, the best deals are found by going factory direct. While the logic behind this is understandable, in practice it is not always the case. 

Our goal is to assist you in finding the most qualified supplier for your product. Depending on the product, going factory direct is not always the most ideal option. For some smaller order quantities, most qualified factories would be unable to fulfill such request. If sticking to the factory only mantra, you'd be left with small sized factories that could be considered unqualified for producing your product. The reasons for this could range from improper quality control standards to missing key company registration documents and more. 
Because of this, we continuously search for a broad range of suppliers in an effort to determine the best source to procure your requested products. Sometimes the results turn out to be factory direct is the most ideal option, other times it can be a mixture of all types of suppliers. 
Trading companies are not always as bad as some make them out to be. A trading company can have exclusive deals with certain factories where they are able to promise a certain amount of annual orders, in exchange for lower prices. They can then pass these savings off to their customers. 
If there is a specific reason as to why you would not like us to work with a certain type of supplier for your order, please don't hesitate to let us know. We are happy to work with you on your requests, but keep in mind, certain restrictions can yield less than promising results.  

How Do Product Reorders Work?
It has always been our goal to assist our clients throughout the life of the product. Not only does this mean identifying factories and bringing their products to market, but it also means assisting with reorders. 

Our current reorder process work in the following fashion -  
We charge $99 for all product reorders for existing clients. Included in this service is the following:
Communicating with your factory and organizing a reorder production
Ordering production and pre-production samples which may be shipped to you
Organizing purchase agreements to be signed by both the factory and buyer
Managing the production via weekly updates
Organizing logistics, packaging and preparation services
We are currently in the development stages of building an app that will assist our clients with supply management via tracking their inventory levels, maintaining updates on their factory production times, and being able to not only track the necessary times to place a reorder, but also automate the reorder process entirely. 
We would also like to note, you will always have supplier contact information in the event you'd like to place subsequent orders on your own.  

If I purchase the service, how soon do I have to start?
Once your order has been placed, you will be redirected to product form page where you will be asked to provide detailed information about the product you would like manufactured. Once this form is filled out and received by our team, we will begin the process.

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