I don’t have the Amazon warehouse address, can you still obtain a quotation?

Since Amazon requires shipments be created and shipped to their warehouses within 30 days, we start by giving you an estimated quotation to have the goods shipped to port, de-consolidated first, and then shipped to the farthest warehouses Amazon has from their port of entry. 

While the goods are on the water and close enough to port, we instruct you to create a shipment at that time. This is when you'd be able to give us the actual warehouses. Once the goods arrive at port, we'll orchestrate the cartons to be unloaded and relabeled according to the warehouse information you'd provide us. From there, the goods would be shipped to the FBA warehouses. 

So to break this down, we start by giving you an estimated de-consolidation cost, and once we are within Amazon's timeline, you can create the shipment and we'll handle de-consolidation in the local destination port warehouse. This way you have an idea of the total cost without the ability to have an exact quote. 

Keep in mind, in the event the quotation is too high, or other factors come into play that make our estimate invalid, there is also an option of shipping the goods entirely to one Amazon location where you can pay Amazon to do this type of work.  

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