How long does it take to inspect products?

The total inspection takes one day, but given the fact that we need to schedule the inspection with your factory, we need to send an inspector to travel out to your factory, and then spend the following two days generating the inspection report that will then be delivered to you, the total time could take more than one week.

This also depends on a number of factors. For example, the type of product being inspected and how complex it is will have a bearing on the total time needed.  Naturally, a product like a cutting board will be easier to inspect than a toy with moving parts.

The number of requirements the client would like the inspector to check on each product (Logo, Dimensions, smell, scratches, dents, labels, etc) will also affect the time to complete an inspection.

Another thing that can affect the time of an inspection is whether or not the product itself has already been packaged. One can assume a pre-packaged product will need to be opened (carefully) and taken out of its packaging to be inspected.

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