How many products can an inspector go through in a given day?

This is determined by the client's Total number of goods and the AQL. A 3rd party inspection company will determine the number of units to check per man-day, through the use of the AQL.

The AQL helps inspectors determine the inspection sampling size of a production lot for inspection. Inspectors use the AQL to outline their workday based on the sample size selected for inspection.

Below are the RECOMMENDED maximum numbers of samples to be inspected in one man-day. It’s important to note a meaningful AQL Inspection MUST follow the recommended sampling plan in order to give accurate results. Because the AQL is based on Statistical Sampling, any additional inspections or any fewer inspections will skew the results.

Basic consumer hardline goods: 200 and 315 units a day.

Basic consumer electronics: 125 and 200 pieces in a day.

Garment and textiles: 80 to 125 pieces per day.  

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